Lost Judgment Unveils More Than One Hour of Video Gameplay


Lost Judgment: Sega has invested heavily in promoting Lost Judgment, but it has done it the right way: showing the game really. Now, we have the reveal of over an hour of gameplay from the game, but not in trailer format but through a hands-on with the folks at Famitsu.

That means, unfortunately, it’s all in Japanese. But it’s still interesting to be able to check out an entire excerpt of the almost uncut sequel to Judgment. It’s not quite a rushed gameplay, maybe to avoid spoilers, but it’s still quite different from the over-produced footage we see in a trailer.

There are three videos, totaling almost an hour and twenty minutes. In the videos we see familiar and new scenarios, as well as repeated and unpublished mechanics. Yagami shows off his classic fighting style in combat and some of his new climbing tricks to move through scenes after clues.


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