Lost Judgment Could Be The Last Game in The Series Because of The Actor


Lost Judgment: As lukewarm as the presentation of the last State of Play was, Lost Judgment managed to shine there thanks to its beautiful graphics and varied and fun gameplay. Even so, it’s a shame to know that this could be the final chapter in the Yakuza spin-off!

According to the latest information circulating on the internet, the producer SEGA and the talent agency Johnny & Associates, which takes care of the career of Takuya Kimura, the protagonist’s interpreter, are failing to hit the nails with regard to an eventual port of the game to PRAÇA.

As replicated by insider Nibel on Twitter, the news began to circulate on the Japanese website Nikkan Taishu, where it was said that the agency has “control over the image rights of its talents, and the use of its images online is something that should be limited to few.”

In other words, the ease of computers connecting to the internet and producing mods is a topic that seems to worry them a lot, as anyone could work at ease with Takuya Kimura’s face.

SEGA, on the other hand, would be insisting that both Judgment and Lost Judgment be ported to computers, more specifically to Steam. According to the portal, “the game’s producers decided that, if they can’t make it available on the PC, they would be in a very complicated business situation, which could lead to the end of the series.”

Regardless of how this novel plays out, Lost Judgment will be released on September 24th for PlayStation 5, PS4 and Xbox Series X/S. What did you think of this controversy? Are you rooting for the series to make it to the PC? Comment below!


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