LOST hinted that Michael had a better ending after the show ended

Stay Alive hinted that Harrold Perrineau’s Michael Dawson ended up getting a better ending than the one he was given in the show’s fourth season. Michael’s tragic story in the ABC series “Stay Alive” ended with the death of a character during an explosion that destroyed Charles Widmore’s ship. Michael sacrificed himself to save his friends in the season 4 finale of the TV series “Stay Alive”.
Michael’s character has never recovered from the shocking events that occurred in the second season. Driven to the extreme by Walt’s abduction, Michael crossed a huge line to get his son back from Others. To get Ben out of the hatch, Michael killed Libby and Ana Lucia. For the characters—and many fans—Michael’s actions essentially made him incorrigible. When he returned to the show, Michael struggled to live with what he had done and realized he had nothing to live for. It was only through Ben that he got a chance to atone for his crimes. Becoming Ben’s spy and delaying the bombing long enough for his friends to escape was the closest he could come to achieving redemption.
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Although Michael eventually died something good, what happened in the season 4 finale was far from happy for his character. However, the epilogue “Stay alive”, “A new responsible person”, suggests that later he really did everything. When Hurley visited Walt, trying to lure him back to the island, he mentioned that Walt could still help his father. Michael, of course, was dead, but Hurley’s story in season 6 of “Stay Alive” confirmed that his ghost lingered on the island. Hurley’s comment to Walt showed that he has a plan to help Michael’s ghost escape from the island. Since Walt accepted Hurley’s offer, it’s likely that Michael achieved some form of closure after the end of “Stay Alive.”
How the Epilogue to Stay Alive gave Michael Closure
Michael’s death didn’t really allow him to get close to his character. In season 4, his relationship with his son deteriorated. Besides, he has never shied away from his reputation as a traitor. And for many, killing two innocent people made him unworthy of a better ending. At the same time, the scene with Hurley and Walt in the epilogue implied that Michael’s journey in “Lost” really secretly ended on a positive note.
Since Hurley has the ability to communicate with the dead, it makes sense that he used his powers to allow Walt to reunite with his father and solve their problems. Walt stopped talking to Michael after learning the truth about everything he had done, but his father’s sacrifice and Walt’s interest in helping him show that reconciling the two was a plausible scenario. Considering how much Michael valued his relationship with his son, Walt’s forgiveness would mean a lot to him. With the help of Hurley and Walt Malcolm David Kelly, Michael may have found some degree of peace, which he was denied in “Staying Alive.”