Could it be that these are the lost brothers of the BTS?


Tiktokers who could be twins of the BTS guys. Could it be that these are the lost brothers of the BTS?

The boys of BTS are within the most important social networks worldwide and as expected when they opened their TikTok account they quickly bequeathed millions of followers , with challenges and their music have come to change the world of the platform .

TikTok is a social network that in the last year has had incredible growth , because people come together in order to share their vision in the world through clips of seconds, most people are surprised to find accounts of different and varied themes.

@bts_official_bighitMAP OF THE SOUL : 7 의 타이틀곡 ‘ON’을 틱톡에서 미리 만나보세요. ##ONchallenge

♬ ON (30 sec) – BTS

Although the boys of BTS are unique and unrepeatable, there are many people who look like them, more within this platform there are thousands of people who use it day by day, check out these tiktokers who could undoubtedly be twins :

The user ‘준구’ or David, is like @ realcome2david, he has more than 679 thousand followers and with more than 4 million likes in his clips, he is dedicated to make makeup professionally, some of the users believe that the boy is It looks like the leader of BTS.

What do you think?

@realcome2david슬플때 어떤 표정이더라…?♬ original sound – hushupchild

Daiki, is on TikTok like, @miyadaikin has more than 670 thousand followers and more than 10 million likes accumulated in his clips, the young man who now has pink hair looks identical to the BTS singer .

@miyadaikin下書きにあったww##俺の休日アウトドア ##tiktok教室♬ Say So – Doja Cat

‘Hwaniiee’ as he calls himself the one who could be the lost twin of BTS Hyung is a boy who makes videos of all kinds, funny and fun, has more than 38 thousand followers and more than 9 million likes that accumulate his clips .

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His resemblance to Jin is very obvious, since the boy has the very similar shape on his lips and face.

@hwaniieePOV: when you were at you’re lowest.. there were always 7 guys to help you get through it together ##pov ##fyp ##bts ##kpop ##korean ##foryourpage♬ We are Bulletproof : the Eternal – BTS

‘박수훈’ is a guy from South Korea who has many features that make him similar to Suga , his user is @su_hun and has more than more than 670 thousand followers, he has more than 11 million likes.

@su_hunis Joke | @이범 ##fyp♬ original sound – aimeew2013

The user ‘아 누누’ @euneeew has more than one million followers, and his clips accumulate more than 27 million likes accumulated in his account, he also has a YouTube channel which is called ‘아 누누’.

Yes that looks like the rapper of BTS .

@euneeewV o o o o m♬ original sound – twistedmelodies

@ ader_6273 is the name of the user that looks a lot like the singer of BTS , the boy who apparently is Japanese, has more than 19 thousand followers on the platform and accumulates more 2.2 million likes in his clips, the young man looks a lot , looks like a smaller Tae .

@ader_6273I Love You☃️♬ Game Over By Harris Cole – buffi

User @ 121712548, which apparently is Japanese, has more than 21 thousand followers, up Videos incredible, where the camera always very close to his face for his followers to see how it looks to the maknae of BTS .

The boy has more than 175 likes in his clips .

@121712548眼鏡にかざまくん写ってた!😂w##いいね##フォロー♬ Gucci On My Body – Baby Ariel


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