Lost Ark: “We made a mistake releasing the March patch so soon”


Lost Ark: Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games take note of the problems and announce what they will do from now on. The launch of the MMO of the moment has not been without problems. In addition to the queues to access the servers, the most recent Lost Ark update has added additional bugs. Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have issued a mea culpa statement and acknowledge that they released the March patch too soon. Through an update on the official blog, they have directly addressed the players, to whom they wish to present the situation transparently.

“We made a mistake by pushing out the March update too soon after release. With the data we analyzed from previous releases alongside Smilegate RPG, we predicted that we would have a higher proportion of players at the level needed to challenge Argos. However, we overlook some variables, such as the increase in time spent on horizontal content and the increase in the price of finishing materials due to bots and real money transactions, ”they say.

All these facts contributed to the shortage of class 3 finishing materials, so the studio will continue to “gather game pattern data”, which it will then apply to the content calendar in the future. “We can feel the support and patience of the community as we continue to learn together and work on content not yet available, and we apologize for the confusion caused by the excitement of the beginning.”

Each at their own pace

After analyzing the data, they have concluded that the most important thing is to release an update that helps progress in the content that is already present in Lost Ark, while encouraging players to progress at their own pace. They explain that they will introduce “a wide variety of content” in the future, but stress that users need not rush.

“Our goal is for you to have entertaining content at all levels and never be pressured to pay to advance. Flexibility has been one of the biggest drivers of collaboration between our teams, as well as a willingness to make sure players enjoy Lost Ark and play the way they want to.” This includes adjustments to the monetization of the Western version.

According to Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games, the Lost Ark horde raids should not be accessible until players have collected enough materials to tackle the challenge. However, they do have more “horizontal content” planned, meaning new classes, islands, and the South Bern continent, which are still planned as planned. Details about April and May content will be coming soon.

Lost Ark is a free-to-play available exclusively on PC (Steam). The game already has more than 20 million players worldwide.