Lost Ark: See The Location Of Mokoko Seeds From All Continents


Lost Ark: Those who have already started their adventure in Lost Ark must have realized at this point how the MMORPG universe is a rich tapestry full of quests, dungeons, bosses and items that can guarantee several hours of gameplay.

However, so many options can leave anyone lost, and with that in mind, Voxel is releasing several guides about the game to make life easier for players, and this time, we bring the locations of all the Mokoko Seeds spread across the continents, which can be more useful than many realize.

What are Mokoko Seeds for?

These weird fruit-like seeds provide 180 Roster XP – a feature that provides perks like improved stats and rewards, and which applies to all a user’s characters within a server.

In addition, they can also be used in the Mokoko Village in Tortoyk as a bargaining chip to obtain stat-enhancing potions, blueprints for the Eurus ship, more crew for your vessel, and some cosmetic items.

The most interesting thing is that Mokoko Seeds can only be collected once, so if you find them all with your first hero, you won’t have to worry about looking for them again in the future.

Now that we’ve explained the importance of this article, here’s where to find them in each continent.