Lost Ark Responds To The Long Queues In Central Europe: Official Statement


Lost Ark: Despite the maintenance period on Tuesday, February 15, the saturation on the Europe server is total. The team explains how things are. Lost Ark is being an absolute success in the West; so much so that in Europe the region’s servers are not capable of supplying the immeasurable number of players trying to immerse themselves in the Arkesia universe. Available as free-to-play in Latin America, North America, Oceania and Europe after passing through Asia, the old continent is the most affected. To this end, and despite the maintenance period for this Tuesday, February 15, the problems continue. Smilegate has issued a statement explaining how the situation is and how they plan to tackle the endless queues in Europe.

“We are aware of the problems that players have been experiencing”

Apart from the lack of premium content and the store; the problems with Galatur in early access; and other reported bugs and problems, from Smilegate one of their main focuses of attention is the queues in the Central EU region. This same week a new server was announced, the EU West region, which hopes to relieve the current one (EU Central) and allow players from Spain, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and other regions of the European continent to enjoy sessions in Lost Ark without problems or queues of several hours (literally).

Lost Ark’s architecture does not allow for more capacity to be added to regions; the solution is to create other

“The great popularity of Lost Ark has caused queues in all regions ranging from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands,” Smilegate begins by saying on the video game’s official forum. “Our server team has been working tirelessly with Smilegate RPG pushing existing servers to the absolute limit of their capacity while maintaining stability and adding more servers to each region.”

Unfortunately, it is not possible to add more capacity to the regions “because of the limitations that the Lost Ark architecture produces”. For this reason, the only practical solution is to create a new region in parallel; in this case, we mean EU West.

The release date of EU West has not transpired. “We will share an update with exact details as soon as possible,” they said.