Lost Ark Reaches 20 Million Players Worldwide


Lost Ark: The popular MMO developed by Smilegate and published by Amazon Games has had a successful premiere in the West. Amazon Games is celebrating. In an official statement, the giant and the Smilegate RPG development studio have announced that Lost Ark, the successful free-to-play MMO, has reached a worldwide audience of 20 million users. In fact, after only three days since its launch in the West, more than 4.7 million new players joined the adventure. Currently, 10 million come from Europe, Latin America, the United States and Australia.

“Overall, the interest surrounding Lost Ark around the world is gaining traction, as global player numbers demonstrate,” said Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Amazon Games. “Together with Smilegate we are committed to supporting our growing community with a robust upgrade roadmap” that will roll out over the next few years.

Second highest peak on Steam

From Smilegate there have also been words of celebration, spoken by Wongil Chi, CEO of the developer: “Lost Ark has been well received by experts in terms of development value and gameplay quality. The number of users is growing steadily.” So far, the peak of concurrent users on Steam has been 1.32 million, the second highest in the history of the platform.

Lost Ark is an adaptation of the title that has already been working in the Asian market since 2019, although the content is still not comparable. Its beginnings in the West have taken place in a climate of expectation that has ended up causing server congestion. The studio will massively remove bots as a measure to alleviate this problem. At the same time, Smilegate RPG is already working on the March update, which, in the absence of revealing all the news, has already outlined some of the additions.

The game is available exclusively for PC, through Steam.