Lost Ark Is Updated With New Improvements: All The Details Of The Patch


Lost Ark: After a maintenance process, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have introduced some changes to the MMO. The big March update has been followed by a few smaller patches. Lost Ark continues to shape your multiplayer experience with new tweaks. Due to issues with the Guardian of Tytalos raid, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games have fixed a bug that prevented tornadoes from spawning during this raid. Now, after server maintenance, the developers have rolled out a new package of improvements and additions.

Once the raid issues have been ironed out, the developer has confirmed that it will offer compensation to those who suffered from the bugs.

All the news of the patch

In-game events have been adjusted to start according to daylight saving time. Please note that the in-game clock may not be in sync with the daylight saving time setting on your computer’s clock. We will implement a permanent solution soon.
Due to the confusion caused by the time change and the start and end of the Arkesia Grand Prix event, we are providing 3,000 Grand Prix event coins to each player. These coins will be sent to each player’s universal inventory.
We are aware of a bug that prevents players from participating in the Arkesia Grand Prix if they try to complete the event quest with a character below level 50. This issue will not be fixed in this maintenance but we are working on a fix that will come soon. during the event.
We will provide compensation to those players who participated in the Tytalos Guardian Raid during the time period that the event was not working properly. The exact compensation may be different for each player as it will depend on the items used during the Raid, but may include the next:

awakening stones
Consumable Battle Items
phoenix feathers
blue crystals

These items will be sent to each player’s universal inventory once maintenance is over.