Lost Ark gets a new class of machinists


Lost Ark recently published a roadmap for August and September, which lists many additions and changes planned for the near future. A new advanced class, a pet ranch, a new Legion raid and a global chat channel are just some of the things that will appear in Lost Ark in the coming months.

Lost Ark is a free hybrid role—playing game and MMORPG originally released in Korea in 2019, and a later Western version published by Amazon Games was released in February 2022. Lost Ark has become one of the most popular games in recent times, consistently among the most popular games on Steam due to the fascinating mining and gameplay in the style of Diablo, as well as the social and research aspects of a large-scale MMORPG. Major monthly updates since the release have brought the Western version in line with the content presented in Korea, adding new content in the form of character classes, dungeons, raids and quality of life improvements.

One of the biggest additions that will appear in the game in September will be the new Machinist class, the fifth advanced class for the Shooter from Lost Ark. The Machinist has an interesting high-tech sci-fi theme, in stark contrast to much of the magical fantasy setting of Lost Ark, unleashing explosive carnage with its futuristic arsenal of machine guns, laser weapons and drones. The Machinist’s identification skill is Hypersynchronization, which is charged whenever the Machinist conducts an attack. After entering Hypersync, the energy will be spent on enhancing the Machinist’s abilities, turning his drone into a combat suit similar to Iron Man. The “Machinist” class is a renamed version of the Korean scout “The Lost Ark”.

Soon in August, players will be able to unlock the pet ranch, where they will be able to restore the morale of pets, manage the functions of pets and earn jelly cookies to exchange for rewards. Later in September, Lost Ark will unveil its third new Legion raid, dedicated to the disturbing circus theme. In the Kakul-Sidon Legion Raid, players will fight members of the Legion of Mayhem in the Midnight Circus. Unlike other Legion raids in Lost Ark, Kakul-Saydon is a four—player raid. Although the raid requires item level 1475, a version of the “simplified mode” called “Midnight Circus: Rehearsal” can be tried at item level 1385.

Global chat, improved server—to-server interaction, new hairstyles and improved controller support are some of the other features listed in the Lost Ark roadmap for August and September. PvP in Lost Ark is also getting some attention: a PvP balance patch and improved PvP settings are being prepared for the September update. Since significant content updates have been constantly coming out since the launch of the game, it is not surprising that Lost Ark attracts the attention of such a huge player base.

The Lost Ark is available on PC.


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