Lost Ark | Amazon Says Increasing Server Capacity Is Not Feasible


Lost Ark: Since its release in the West, players have been experiencing server congestion issues, leading to queues. Increasing the maximum capacity of the Lost Ark servers is not the solution to queuing problems. The free-to-play MMO from Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games has crossed Korean borders and is now available in all major markets. However, the huge popularity of the title has congested the servers. In an interview with IGN, Soomin Park, from Amazon Games, has reflected on this matter and has reaffirmed that it is not a question of expanding their capacity.

“It is important to note that the Lost Ark has a limitation to the maximum number of concurrent players it can contain in any one universe or region. This is why it is not worth simply adding more servers in Central Europe.” According to Park, while “theoretically there is unlimited capacity [in Amazon Web Services] for each region, the game becomes shaky if you try to exceed previous maximum capacities per region.”

The future of Lost Ark

On the future of Lost Ark, Park has promised new classes, continents, and more content. They are aware that keeping a game in constant evolution is complicated: “It is true that games as a service experience an ebb and flow of interest, while the competitive scene evolves and the interests of the players change. But often the best way to keep users engaged is to deliver a powerful and predictable roadmap that responds to their feedback. The Ark is reinforced with the constant addition of new classes, continents, events, activities and more.

Lost Ark is available exclusively for PC, under a free-to-play model (free but with microtransactions). Smilegate RPG has recently shared the first details and news that will arrive with the March update. You can see the outline of what is to come at this link.