Lost Ark Acknowledges Issues With Argos Raid Arrival


Lost Ark: One of the biggest challenges in free-to-play games is keeping a balance considered “fair” in the way you get items by playing or buying. Lost Ark players consider that the game had a slip in the arrival of its update with the Abyss Raid of Argos, and the game devs recognized and addressed the problem in a new post.

The controversy revolved around the required level to be able to participate in the raid when it arrived in the game, in the March update. A large volume of players had no way to access the new content at its launch, leading to an impression that the game was pushing to spend real money to level up faster. The Lost Ark producers want to distance themselves from that thinking, assuming it was a mistake:

“We made a mistake releasing the March update too quickly after the game’s debut. The data we analyzed with Smilegate RPG from its previous releases projected a larger share of players who would have reached the level needed to challenge Argos. We overlook some variables, like players spending more time on horizontal content and the price for improving materials increasing due to bots and real money transactions.”

Apparently, Amazon Games and Smilegate only made projections based on the countries where Lost Ark was already available, without taking into account that a global release would bring many new players with different ways to play.

The companies promised to continue collecting data from Western players to better inform themselves on how to distribute their new content in the future. And speaking of distributing content, during the week of March 21, players who enter the game will receive a package of “gifts”, which you can check out in the official post.