Lorie Pester (Tomorrow belongs to us) pregnant again?


The actress of Tomorrow belongs to us, is Lorie Pester pregnant again? We give you more details! Lorie Pester from Tomorrow belongs to us, is she pregnant again?

After two years of absence from the TF1 series, the young actress had made a flash return to our small screens. But this comeback was very brief.

Lorie Pester has therefore returned to her role in Tomorrow belongs to us. She played Lucie Salducci, a former cop from the Sète police station.

We were therefore finally able to discover the new intrigues in which the young woman is involved in the series. Besides, fans of the show are used to her absence.

Indeed the young woman returns from time to time for an intrigue. But this time her departure seems definitive.

Indeed, the young woman announced the news a few days ago on her Instagram account. This time, no return planned for her character in Tomorrow belongs to us.

After sharing behind the scenes of the shooting of the series and her very touching reunion with her co-stars, the young actress has finally announced her departure. This time, Lorie Pester bids farewell to the famous TF1 series.

“Bye Bye Sète” can be read on her post published on her Instagram account. “There you have it, another new start. »Finally announces the young woman.

But she didn’t really disappear from the screen. Indeed, the young woman reappeared on the set of 50 min inside with Nikos on February 20. The facilitator then took the opportunity to ask them personal questions!

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Lorie Pester (Tomorrow belongs to us) pregnant again?


This Saturday, February 20, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us confided in Nikos Aliagas. While presenting the show 50 min inside, the young singer was asked about her new home life.

You should know that Lorie Pester is already the mother of little Nina. In fact, the last time the young woman appeared on the set of the show she was pregnant with her daughter.

But at the time, she had hidden her pregnancy under loose clothes. “I tried to hide it, to put on outfits where it was not too visible, but I preferred to keep this little moment to myself” confides the young woman.

” You did well. Except that if you are still pregnant you have to tell me now! »Nikos then launches him. Is the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us expecting a second child?

” Oh no ! No, it’s okay “then answers the young actress! At the moment, Lorie Pester is not expecting a second child.

Her daughter Nina is only 6 months old, and she is extremely happy! “She’s doing very well, it’s my little love” confides the young mother! You should know that the young woman had trouble having children.

Indeed she suffers from endometriosis. Her little girl, whose birth she announced last September, is her little miracle!


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