Lorie Pester did everything to get pregnant!


Via the media as well as her book, Lorie Pester (Tomorrow belongs to us) does not hesitate to talk about her fight to become a mother.

Lorie Pester suffered a long battle with endometriosis. But it has finally paid off. So in 2020, the Tomorrow Belongs to Us actress was finally able to become a mom.

2020 has been a bad year, but not for everyone. Indeed, Lorie Pester can attest to this. The singer experienced the joy of being a mother. And not without difficulty! The Tomorrow Belongs actress has endometriosis. This disease affects one in ten women and is the leading cause of infertility in women.

Indeed, the star is not the only one in this case. Laetitia Milot and Enora Malagré are also ill. However, Loris Pester managed to give birth to a little Nina.

This could not have been possible if the star had not left French soil. The latter had to freeze her eggs abroad, more particularly in Spain. Woaw!

The young woman had already confided in this subject and her ectopic pregnancy, in her book The Things of Life but also in the media.


Last year, on the set of It won’t come out here on France 2, Lorie Pester said in particular: “I have already been operated on several times. For example, I was cut off the ends of the digestive tract, the ends of the uterus … I still have nodules in the diaphragm but I was not affected enough because it had not affected the ovaries. And (the doctors) said to me: ‘The best solution is to go to Spain’. So I looked on the Internet, but there are 40,000 clinics, we don’t know where to go, we don’t know what to do. ”

Then the Tomorrow belongs to us actress continued, “I was referred to a clinic so I went there. It’s quite addicting because it’s daily hormone shots for 12 days. We have exams to do, blood tests, ultrasounds that we have to do for two or three days, which we have to send to the clinic. And when the clinic tells us, ‘Ok, it’s good it’s now’, we have 24 hours to go to Spain for the operation. So you have to be able to leave home. If you have a family, your job is not necessarily practical … And then it is expensive to go there: trains, planes. It is not given to everyone and it is an injustice! “. A big thumbs up to her!

Loris Pester has therefore indeed won her battle to become a mother. However, his fight over egg freezing, still banned in France, is far very far from over. We therefore wish him a lot of courage!


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