Loretta Lynn’s Instagram Tribute to Conway Twitty: “What wouldn’t I give to sing with him again”


Country star Loretta Lynn has reached out to her Instagram followers to pay tribute to Conway Twitty 29 years after his death. In this post, she spoke about her grief over his death and said: “How much I wouldn’t give to sing with him again.”

Read on to find out if the two music legends were married, what else Lynn said in honor of Twitty on the anniversary of his death and what she was doing in 2022.

Have Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty ever been married?

Twitty and Lynn were such a dynamic duo in country music that some fans assumed they were married. But they were never really a couple.

Lynn married her husband “Doolittle” Lynn as a teenager and stayed with him until his death in 1996, despite rumors of his infidelity. On the other hand, Twitty married three women over the age of 40.

However, the singing partners were as close as possible without being romantic. And over the years they have recorded many albums and duets topping the charts, including the song “Louisiana Woman, Man from Mississippi”.

When Twitty lost consciousness during a tour in June 1993, Lynn was already in the hospital with her seriously ill husband. She thought her friend was coming to visit, and was shocked to see that he came for treatment instead. So she was with him in his last hours and begged him not to leave.

Twitty died of an aortic aneurysm at the age of 59. Lynn said he was still warm when she returned to his hospital room and touched him for the last time. Believing that he was in the room in spirit, she even tried to order him to return to his body.

Loretta Lynn’s Instagram Tribute to Conway Tweeted: “I still miss Him”

On June 5, 2022, Lynn wrote on Instagram: “I was there that day in 1993 when we lost him. Du and I were heartbroken. So heartbroken. It didn’t seem real.”

“I still miss him,” she continued. “What wouldn’t I give to sing with him again.”

The “Fist City” singer concluded the post by saying, “He was like a brother to me, and a girl couldn’t ask [so in the original] for a best friend. We’ve created great music and great memories.”

How is Loretta Lynn doing in 2022?

It is noteworthy that Lynn celebrated her 90th birthday in April 2022, and country stars such as Dolly Parton celebrated her special day in their own way. Parton sang to her old friend, ending her birthday song with the words: “We will always love you.”

Then Lynn celebrated her son’s 69th birthday a month after she turned nine. “Mom is very lucky when her baby turns out to be one of her best friends,” she wrote on Twitter. “I do not know how you are 69 with such a young mother!”