Lorenzo Méndez cries when he talks he misses


Lorenzo Méndez has been unleashed on social networks after a video went viral where Chiquis Rivera goes out kissing with whom we now know as Mr. Tempo. Since then, details of the divorce that the singer already requested a month after announcing her separation from her still husband have come to light.

The also singer had not officially declared anything to the press about his separation from Jenni Rivera’s daughter and this Monday “El Gordo y La Flaca” will have an exclusive interview. The Univision program previewed a bit of what Lorenzo says where he talks about the causes of his divorce.

“Depression, anxiety, resentment, hatred, anger towards things that were happening in my life,” Méndez tells reporter Tanya Charry in a preview of the interview.

When Charry asked Méndez how much she still loved Chiquis, her voice broke and her eyes filled with tears.

“With all my heart,” Mendez said of the love he still feels for his wife.


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