Lore Hunters: Mechas in Video Games, Part II


We offer a new article from Hunters of Lore in which we will delve into more mecha titles with some relevance in the video game scene.

There are several video game proposals that are based on the use of mechanized robots piloted by young pilots who demonstrate an innate skill to dominate them and save the world or others who have a turbulent past that haunts them and with which they have pending accounts while facing various Dangers aboard one of these enormous machines, being mainly in the Japanese scene where these titles are more prone, being examples of them sagas such as Zone of the Enders, the recent 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim or the various installments of the Dynasty Warriors series : Gundam.

Today in this new installment of Hunters of Lore, we will continue in this new report commenting on some of the most outstanding titles of the mecha genre, including some sagas known to players as well as other unpublished titles in the West and that have only seen the light in Japanese territory, complementing the first report on this subject.


Perhaps when speaking of mecha games, one of the sagas that immediately come to mind is this Bandai Namco franchise, a series of games that throughout its existence and different installments has brought together a wide range of characters and mecha of well-known Japanese anime series, without forgetting piloted ships and space battle cruisers that have also played a leading role, both emblematic and others not so relevant but with sufficient acceptance and quality to have a presence.

The origins of this franchise date back to the early 90s, having its first installment for the original Game Boy in 1991. Initially a spin off of the Compati Hero series, a series of games that mixed characters from the Gundam series with other of tokusatsu style like Ultraman or Kamen Rider, with the passage of time and the successive installments the series became a best seller for Bandai at that time, having a presence through new titles, both readaptations of previous deliveries as well as totally new ones, on different subsequent platforms and to date accumulates a total of 16 million games sold in its almost 30 years of existence in the Japanese market.

In its early years the roster available in these games was reduced to using characters from the Gundam series and the two outstanding works of Go Nagai: Mazinger Z and Getter Robo in their different incarnations. With each new installment, more characters were added to the controllable roster throughout the game, including other series such as Grendizer, Aura Battler Dunbine or Voltes V and then other more known among fans such as Evangelion, Macross, Martian Successor Nadesico, Brain Powerd, Full Metal Panic or more recently including some from series like Magic Knight Rayearth or Cowboy Bebop.

Each title focuses on telling an original story whose protagonist is configurable and who pilots his own mecha during the fighting, mixing the different characters from each of the narrative universes from which they proceed through various phases in which they would have to face the enemies that would appear on the stage and defeat them in order to progress in the game. The plot will capture in certain cases the most significant battles and moments of each of the series but with certain differences from the original material. Each unit selected to enter battle will gain experience by performing actions in combat, including attacking, defeating enemies, or defending, allowing them to level up and gain new abilities and special attacks. The latter are the highlight of the game, since the animations they offer, which have been improved through each game, show a faithful recreation of the most emblematic and significant movements of each of the mecha, such as the famous “Fists Out “from the Mazinger Z unit piloted by Koji Kabuto.


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