Lord of the Rings: Italian Builds A House To Live Like A Hobbit


The Lord of the Rings is one of the most important fantasy stories of all time and one of the most influential sagas of the 20th century. Written by JRR Tolkien between 1937 and 1949, and published in the 1950s, the book saga that chronicles the journey Frodo and Sam’s quest to destroy the One Ring has won over a legion of fans.

The saga’s power of influence is so great that an Italian decided that he would live as a Hobbit and even built a house in the style of those presented by Peter Jackson’s films. Nicolas Gentile is 37 years old, is a confectioner and lives in the city of Bucchianico, in the Abruzzo region. In addition to having built his own house, he plans to expand the site to build a replica of the hobbits’ village, which will run on solar energy.

Gentile has had a lifestyle like Tolkien’s characters for about three years. For this, he dresses like the hobbits and even reproduced the journey narrated in The Lord of the Rings. With eight other friends, he left for the volcano Vesuvius, to play a ring in a symbolic way. On his Instagram account, Gentile shared the entire trip — made on foot — which lasted two and a half weeks.

“Dear friends, there are only a few days left for the most epic and magical adventure of all time!

As in the story of The Lord of the Rings, 9 adventurers will start from a Hobbit house in Gentile County in Bucchianico and cross half of Italy to reach a volcano, Vesuvius, and throw the One Ring inside.

The main objective is to promote the Gentile County project, but this trip will also be a way to make people realize how lucky we are to live in such a wonderful land, full of fantastic places, permeated with history, nature and beauty. And, above all, after a scary summer, which saw burning thousands of hectares of forests, nature and animals, we want to cross on foot and in total harmony our Middle Earth which, looking closely, is as beautiful and fantastic as the one described in Tolkien’s stories”.


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