Loot on Twitch Prime: see service benefits and if it’s worth it


Twitch TV is a game live platform available in a web version and in an app for download on Android and iPhone phones (iOS). The service is free, but offers Twitch Prime in conjunction with the Amazon Prime subscription at a price of R $ 9.90 per month. The subscription releases several benefits, such as free games, exclusive emoticons and chat badge. League of Legends (LoL), PUBG, Apex Legends, GTA Online, Rainbow Six Siege and FIFA 20 are some titles that have exclusive content in loots on the Twitch service. Understand, below, how the game loot on Twitch Prime works and see if the purchase is worth it.

What are game loots?
Loots are bundles of items designed for the main games on the market, available exclusively to subscribers of Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime. Among the loots available are female and male skins, characters, exclusive boosts and other items.

For the vast majority of games, exclusive content is updated monthly. On the loot page for each game, Twitch Prime lists all items available for redemption, as well as old rewards that are no longer available. Therefore, it is recommended that the player returns to the Twitch Prime platform every month to redeem the items.

It is worth mentioning that players must link the game account to Twitch Prime in order to successfully redeem accessories and bonuses. After redemption, items will be available automatically in the game.

Contents offered
The content offered by Twitch Prime are skins, characters and boosts for the most popular games on the market. The items are exclusive to users of the service, so it will not be possible to obtain them in other ways.

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Currently, players can unlock a permanent mysterious skin for League of Legends (LoL). In PUBG, you can redeem a box with a set of Pilot and Gunslinger costumes. Twitch Prime also presents Rainbow Six: Siege players with a set of Operator Maestro and Mozzie.

Worth it?
The Twitch Prime subscription is valid for players who wish to have exclusive content in the games. With the first month free and then R $ 9.90 monthly, players can have access to several skins of female and male characters that can highlight you among other players, for example. In addition, Twitch Prime guarantees other exclusive content monthly, such as permanent games. Bomber Crew, Furi, Mugsters and Whispers of a Machine are some of the titles that can be claimed in March 2020.

However, subscription to the service is only advantageous if the player uses the other features available on Twitch Prime, such as exclusive emoticons, chat badge, channel subscription and watching the series available on Amazon Prime. Paying for a service subscription just to redeem character skins that do not guarantee game advantages can be considered a waste of money.


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