Loongson: Chinese Chip Brand To Make IPO of US$ 542 Million


Loongson: Chinese manufacturer Loongson Technology is not well known to the consumer public, but the brand is on the rise in the market. One of the few in the local industry that has not received sanctions from the US government, the company is now preparing a public offering of shares (IPO) that should move high values.

According to the Global Times website, the IPO proposal has already been made official and involves the collection of approximately US$ 542 million. The amount will be used in research and development, industrialization to improve the manufacture of high-performance graphics or processing chips, as well as helping to balance the company’s accounts.

Loongson is best known in China and for developing GPUs and CPUs for computers. The brand also has its own architecture, LoongArch.

The Chinese government does not act directly in the company, only providing subsidies and enabling contracts — the manufacturer’s interest is more in local private partners, currently prevented from doing business with several US companies because of US bans.


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