The Looney Tunes arrive ‘unarmed’ to HBO Max


The Looney Tunes arrive ‘unarmed’ to HBO Max. Looney Tunes Characters Say Goodbye To Guns In New Animated Shorts Broadcast By HBO Max.

The Looney Tunes were produced by Warner Brothers more than 80 years ago, and now they return with new episodes through the HBO Max platform , however, they did so with an obvious change for the public, and that is that the producers of the show, they decided to ‘ disarm ‘ the characters in the new episodes.

Peter Browngardt, executive producer and showrunner of the Looney Tunes Cartoons, explained in a recent interview for The New York Times , that the show’s writers decided to rule out the use of firearms, so as not to encourage violence among children.

However, despite this historic change, the series continues with its usual violence , that is, Elmer Grumpy no longer has his characteristic shotgun, however, if he presents other types of weapons in his attempt to catch Bugs Bunny.

“We will not use weapons,” commented Browngardt, “But we will use the violence of cartoons, dynamite, Acme, etc.” Added.

A hit for HBO Max

Even though the animated series has introduced this change, the Looney Tunes have been very well received by subscribers to the HBO streaming service, they have even displaced Game of Thrones as the most popular production on the platform.

The relaunch of the Looney Tunes is one of the strong cards that I will offer HBO Max, becoming a success not only within the platform, but it is the second most popular series in its opening week, in the United States.


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