LOONA’s Chuu Reportedly Opened His Own Agency, BlockBerry Creative Replies


Earlier this year, Chuu from LOONA came to the attention of rumors that she was going to leave her agency Blackberry Creative and sign a contract with another. These rumors, however, were refuted by the agency itself.

Now, as they say, Chuu has created his own agency.

Chuu de LOONA aurait créé sa propre agence, BlockBerry Creative réagit

According to media reports on October 28, Chuu decided to start his own label called Chuu Co., Ltd. She will not be all alone, as she will be accompanied by her mother as the director of the company.

It is reported that Chuu Co., Ltd. was established for broadcasting, album production, entertainment management, record production, sound production and distribution, concert planning, publishing, distribution, public relations, publishing and agency activities.

BlockBerry Creative responded to the rumors by saying, “We are not aware. We check the facts. The rumors that Chuu is leaving our agency are groundless. »


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