Check out all the details of the group’s comeback with the project of the girl of the month

LOONA released the video that belongs to her third promotional teaser for what will be her next comeback in the month of February.

The girls of the month return and from the YouTube account loona theworld the clip with the name ‘# 3’ was made public, the photos of individual teasers are already complete in the social networks of the group, where the girls wear red sets .


The teaser video begins with the phrase ‘The Back of the Moon’, the setting takes place in many scenarios such as an abandoned building, hallways, among others, the girls: Yeojin, Go Won, Heejin, Choerry, ViVi, Kim Lip, Jinsoul , Yves, Chuu, Hyunjin and Olivia Hye, leave their backs, leaving fans more intrigued about the group’s theories .


The BlockBerry Creative group had already launched the first teaser on December 14, 2019 and the second teaser was published on January 9, 2020, all three teasers have the same sound track and the LOONA comeback is planned for the February 5th.

The tracks of the LOONA group album were advanced through the group’s social networks and are the following:

one #

2 So What

3 Number 1

4 Oh (Yes I Am)

5 땡땡땡

6 365

Check out the video :


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