LOONA, New MV ‘Why Not?’ Looks Stylish in a Version


The wait for Orbit, as LOONA fans are called, finally ended as the idol released the MV for the lead single ‘Why Not?’

On October 19 at 6:00 p.m. KST, the girl group shaded by BlockBerry Creative has officially made a comeback with the release of their new MV and mini album, after a while teasing fans with the release of individual and group teaser photos with different concepts- different.

This makes LOONA’s second MV that they promoted with only 11 members because the leader, Haseul is still in the process of recovering.

The single is also their second single which Lee Soo Man also participated in producing the song “Why Not?”.

For fans who miss them already, just watch LOONA’s newest MV, “Why Not?” Which they have just released below.

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