Lookouts In Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find Them And How To Complete Them


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the Lookouts available in Horizon Forbidden West in addition to telling you the method to complete them without problems. In Horizon Forbidden West we find a wide map full of content to explore and discover. Beyond the list of main and secondary missions, we can explore the open world for a multitude of surprises and collectibles. One of these special locations are the Miradors, a series of special places that allow us to take a look at what was right there in ancient times, in order to assess the change that has occurred over the years. As part of this complete guide, we help you find and solve them all, since it is a kind of perspective puzzle that can be somewhat complex.

All Horizon Forbidden West Lookouts and Where to Find Them

What we must do every time we discover a viewpoint is quite simple. We simply go and investigate the signal tower indicated on the map (when we approach the area it will appear in the missions menu and we can select it in order to have a clearer guide of where we are and where we should go). After that we will have a fixed image in focus (which we can deactivate or activate at will), with which we must go to a specific point in the area and thus square the image we see with the real landscape.