Looking for a sister-wife: why fans are outraged by Nick’s behavior


Season 4 of “In Search of a Sister-Wife” has already begun, but fans already have something to say about Nick Davis, thanks to his lazy approach to life. The show has intrigued TLC viewers as they watch couples try to expand their families. However, some stereotypes seem hard to break, and the Nickname doesn’t quite help.

The TLC show was an instant hit with viewers who watched several polygamous couples explore the possibility of adding new spouses. In season 4 of the TV series “In Search of a Sister-wife” there was a lot of drama, such as “Sister-Wives”, and for three seasons fans watched as husbands tried to woo numerous wives. Despite the fact that the series has not achieved the greatest success in finding love affairs, polygamous families are ready to try again to find their ideal couple.

The first episode of the 4th season of the series “In search of a sister-wife”, which aired on June 7, discovered a completely new trio of polygamists. Jennifer, Nick and April Davis have been playing in the band for some time and are newcomers to the TLC series. Jennifer is quite young compared to her husband. During the premiere episode of “In Search of a Sister-wife,” Nick explained to the cameras that he had been interested in polygamy for more than 15 years, but almost immediately fans noticed some alarming signals. Viewers took to Reddit to share their concerns, and one fan wrote: “What does Nick do all day?” The husband of two children seems to sit all day and read until his two hardworking wives come home and cook for him.

Fans of the series “In search of a sister-wife” were puzzled by why Jennifer and April willingly gave their salaries to Nick. According to Nick, he is doing research and trying to expand his family even more, but the fans didn’t buy this excuse. Followers even joked that he was too busy with his intelligence to even cook food for himself and his wives. Fans learned a lot about the Davis family in the first episode of the fourth season of the series “In search of a sister-wife”. Viewers saw how lazy Nick turned out to be, and that he met his first sister-wife April back in college and have been together ever since.

April and Jennifer decided to marry each other and take Nick’s last name to prove that they are devoted to each other. Both Jennifer and April shared with the Seeking Sister Wife cameras that Nick has to deal with, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Currently, the Davis family is actively looking for a third wife and has found Danielle, who is only 22 years old. Only time will tell if Nick can trick another woman into letting him stay at home all day and do absolutely nothing.