Looking for a sister-wife: all allegations of violence against the Snowdens have been clarified


Fans of the series “In search of a sister-wife” quickly noted that Dmitry Snowden did not always give the impression of a good person and is studying in more detail all the allegations of abuse of the patriarch. During his time in the TLC franchise, many women have spoken out against his unattractive personal qualities. Now the audience turns into detectives to analyze all the charges against Snowden and Dmitry.

Without a doubt, Dmitry is the most ambiguous cast of “Looking for a wife-sister” who will appear in the series. Dmitry and his wife Ashley Snowden were the main characters of the show, but after season 3 they retired from reality TV. In season three, Ashley and Dmitry struggled to cope with their second wife, Kristin Petersen. Unfortunately, shortly after she married the Snowden family, the couple’s relationship seemed to go downhill.

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After their wedding in the third season of “In search of a sister-wife,” Kristlin accused Dmitry and Ashley of domestic violence. As viewers remember, Kristlin made a recording through TMZ and stated that Dmitry hit her head on the bed and headboard and even strangled her during sexual intercourse. While Kristin noted that she begged him to stop, Dmitry refused. At the time, the patriarch shared text messages that showed that his ex-wife loved being strangled during their intimate moments. Dmitry was given a restraining order until the issue is resolved. In April 2021, the restraining order was lifted.

Kristin was not the only woman who spoke out against Dmitry, because¬†Ariadna Joseph shared that she and her children feared for their lives when she met the couple. During an interview with John Yates, Ariadne revealed that she talked to TLC’s legal team and even told them about the Snowdens during the first season of “In Search of a Sister-Wife.” she found out that wives had to walk around the house naked, because even underwear was against the rules. Ariadne was also not allowed to leave the family home unless Dmitry accompanied her.

There is no doubt that Dmitry is a charming and possibly dangerous person. Fans of “In search of a sister-wife” also learned from the video that Dmitry is a criminal and he is not allowed to own any firearms, but he insisted that weapons be in his house. Unfortunately, fans don’t think these women will be the last ones Dmitry insults, especially since it seems he has a history of abusing his power.