Looke: May 2021 Streaming Releases

Looke: This Monday (26th), Looke released all the news that will arrive in its catalog next May. Among the highlights of Brazilian streaming are productions with great casts and nominations for important awards.

One of the releases this month will be Guerra & Paz. Based on the drama written by Liev Tolstoy, the BBC series was nominated for an Emmy and won the Best Design at the Bafta Awards and Best Special Effects at the Royal Television Society.

In the case of films, there is The Golfer of the Year, a film starring Ewan McGregor, Jim Carrey and Rodrigo Santoro. The humorous biography was nominated for the Critics Choice Award in the category of Best Comedy, in 2011.

The Scammer of the Year

Check out the complete list of news foreseen by Looke for May 2021.

Titles and premiere dates may be changed by the company without prior notice

Looke releases in May 2021

Series on Looke

Guerra & Paz (May 5)

Pierre is an idealistic and kind young man, bastard son of the richest man in Russia, who wants to change the world for the better. Natasha is witty and seeks true love. Andrei is charming and seeks a greater purpose in life, as he is fed up with the superficiality of society. When they met, in 1805, Napoleon’s armies approached the Russian border, and his compatriots were preparing for profound changes in their realities.

Justice at Any Cost (May 19)

Looke Movies

Friends Forever (May 5)
Stuck in You (May 5)
The Spy (May 5)
Queen of Hearts (May 12)
The Candidate (May 12)
My Robot Friend (May 19)
Ana (May 26)
Starfish – An Unconditional Love Story (May 26)
The Scammer of the Year (May 26)

Steven Russell is a Texan police officer who decides to assume his homosexuality. However, he soon discovers that to be gay, you have to have a lot of money. He goes on to perform several cheats and frauds, in order to maintain his high standard of living. Upon being arrested, Steven is taken to a state penitentiary. There he meets Phillip Morris, his cellmate, with whom he falls in love. From then on Steven runs away and is arrested several times, always acting in the name of his love.



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