Look: Vince Young reacted with two words to Arch Manning’s news


21 years ago, Vince Young became the most hyped player in history to enter the University of Texas. Today, when Arch Manning made the same commitment, the Longhorns legend had a brief reflection.

On Thursday, on Twitter, Young said just two words to the newly minted Longhorns quarterback. “Hook Em,” Young wrote to the delight of thousands of Texas fans.

The Texas icon spins the Longhorns and their various sports teams whenever they get a chance. But this punch is a little different for pretty obvious reasons.

To some Texas fans, Arch Manning’s touchdown feels like the biggest step toward winning a national title in the last ten years. Naturally, Yang’s responses are full of praise for his contribution to the team:

“He needs to fill big shoes (goat),” one fan replied.

“You were the first and I thank you for setting the standard!!” wrote another.

«LFG !!!!! Big day for horns!!!” wrote a third fan.

Vince Young led Texas to the 2005 season with a score of 13-0, completing an incredible national championship victory over USC in the Rose Bowl – one of the most iconic games in the history of college football.

Since then, the closest the Longhorns have come to another win is a loss to Alabama in the 2009 BCS National Championship game. In the years since that loss, the Longhorns have hired and fired several coaches trying to return to the promised land.

Perhaps Arch Manning will be the catalyst for a return to the greatness that VY once brought them.