Look: Top Running Back Cancels Major Recruiting Trip


Last summer, five-star 2023 running back Ruben Owens made a verbal promise to Louisville, but he is still being courted by some big players in and around his native Texas.

Owens will attend several major programs this fall. But the one visit he was ready for doesn’t happen anymore.

On Instagram, Owens announced that he was canceling his trip to Texas A&M. “I’m not going anymore,” he wrote in response to a tweet announcing his upcoming visit to College Station.

The reason for Owens‘ cancellation is unclear. Some speculate that Aggie’s shocking defeat by Appalachian State played a role, while others think his family’s ability to travel with him prompts a change of plans.

Ruben Owens is a first—class runner who roughly overtook rivals in 2021. Last year, he had a whopping 2,989 yards and 46 touchdowns on 248 carries. Owens receives the District MVP award for the second year in a row.

Running back El Campo is also a track and field star: last spring he ran the 100 meters in 10.68 seconds.

Not surprisingly, Texas A&M has been joined by companies such as Alabama, Texas, TCU and Arkansas, in addition to Louisville.

Texas A&M will have no shortage of big-name recruits who will be attending College Station in the coming days and weeks.

But the 18th number 247Sports overall and the best runner in the country will not be one of them.


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