Look: Tom Brady is not training today


The fact that Tom Brady has returned to training after a break from vacation does not mean that he is going to catch up before the last preseason game this week.

According to Bucks insider Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times, Brady is not training with the Bucks today. But it’s not because of some injury.

According to the report, Brady is getting his veteran’s day of maintenance. This happened after two consecutive days of practice, when Brady threw the ball a lot.

Brady has only recently returned to the Buccaneers, having spent most of August away from the team for “personal reasons.” These personal reasons turned out to be

But with more than 20 years of NFL experience and TB12’s own unique training regiment, it’s unlikely that Tom Brady’s absence will have any real impact on his game this season.

Despite the change of head coach from Bruce Arians to Todd Bowles, the offense remains in place, and it has one of the most staffed lineups in the entire league.

Brady is one of the favorites to receive the MVP award this year, and the Buccaneers are among the favorites to win Super Bowl LVII.

The jokes will probably fly for a few more hours before Brady returns to practice later this week. But Tom Brady will be back.


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