Look: Robert Griffin III Ranked 5th among NFL Quarterbacks with Whom He Would Start a Franchise

David Becker / Getty Images
Amid recent controversy over ESPN’s ranking of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, Robert Griffin III decided to weigh in on who he considers the best quarterbacks in the league.
In a tweet Friday, Griffin listed his top five quarterbacks with whom he would start a franchise. Given the qualifications he had set for the roster, it was clear that he was going to select only young quarterbacks.
In perhaps the most controversial selection of all, Griffin placed former MVP Lamar Jackson at the top of the list. Jackson was followed by Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert.
Griffin’s list is gradually gaining momentum on Twitter and may become the subject of heated debate throughout the day. But some of the initial responses to his list, as expected, are a rejection of Lamar Jackson’s presence at the top of the list.
“Every other player listed instead of Jackson, sorry,” one user replied.
“You can’t give me a reason why Lamar is better than Mahomes,” wrote another.
“Lamar is a beast, but I’m not sure I put him above the other four,” wrote a third user.
The controversy surrounding Lamar Jackson’s rating among the NFL elite is clearly still raging in full force. He has supporters and he has haters.
We can count Robert Griffin III among Jackson’s supporters.