Look: Patrick Mahomes reacted with two words to a major business venture


Just over three years ago, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes made it clear that he wanted to open a Whataburger restaurant in Kansas City.

After many years of hard work, this dream has finally become a reality. KMO Burger, of which Mahomes is a part, officially opened Whataburger in the Kansas City area on Tuesday.

The star quarterback had a two-layered reaction to the news announced this morning.

“Let’s go!!!!” — he said on Twitter.

In the summer of 2021, the Chiefs quarterback made it clear that he would do it.

“When I came to Kansas City, it was the first time I was really outside of Texas and didn’t eat Whataburger all the time,” Mahomes said. “So I ended up talking to some people and we ended up having a lot of places here and I’ll have a little bit of Texas here in Kansas City.”

What will Mahomes’ next business venture be?