Look: Paige Spiranak finally showed a new photo of a golf towel


Former professional golfer turned social media superstar Paige Spiranak teased fans earlier this week with a brief overview of her new towel.

Spiranak, who played for the University of Arizona and San Diego State teams, has already gone viral thanks to her golf towels, especially before The Masters.

Although it will be her best game. On Friday morning, she took to social media to finally show off the new towel she’s been teasing for over a week.

She took the page of the movie “Lucky Gilmore” with the last towel.

“When you feel that the cards are stacked against you and your game is not going the way you expected, just go to your happy place,” the description of the towel says. “This Devant towel is the perfect high—quality accessory that will keep the fun of the game and take you to the 19th hole, where cold beer and good friends are waiting for you.”

What do you think about the new product?


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