Look: on Tuesday, Britney Griner had a message for her wife – The Spun: what’s trending in the sports world today


For the first time since her February arrest abroad, WNBA All-Star Game participant Britney Griner was able to talk to the media behind the bars of her cell on Tuesday.

In a conversation with ABC News, Griner was asked if she had a message for her wife Cherell.

Her answer: “Good luck on the bar exam.”

Upon ABC’s arrival, Griner was holding a clear plastic bag with two photos of her wife.

Later in an interview, the two-time Olympic champion was asked if she had any complaints about being in custody in Russia. To which Griner replied, “No, no complaints. Just waiting patiently.”

The Phoenix Mercury Center was arrested at the Moscow airport for “erroneous” transportation of hashish oil in her luggage, which, according to her legal team, was prescribed by a doctor to help Griner cope with her injuries.

Back in May, the US State Department classified Griner’s stay in Russia as “unlawful detention.”

According to ABC, Cherel Griner has only “occasionally” contacted her wife through letters, but has not yet heard her voice on the phone.

Britney Griner pleaded guilty to the charges against her. If found guilty, she could face up to ten years in prison.


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