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There is no love lost between Formula 1 superstars Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. But amid growing controversy over certain race conditions, Verstappen is unhappy with some of Hamilton’s recent comments.

The “porpoise” — an aerodynamic problem that causes a racing car to rock the driver back and forth, often to the point of nausea – is becoming an increasingly serious problem for racers this season. Hamilton and his Mercedes teammate George Russell were particularly affected by this.

The FIA recently announced a rule change in the off-season to try to combat this. Verstappen, who heads the Formula 1 championship this season, opposes the rule.

Hamilton responded to Verstappen’s comments, noting that “it’s always interesting to see people’s views and opinions in a different light” and that “sometimes people say different things.”

But Verstappen didn’t take well to Hamilton, who seemed to be urging him to disagree with the rule.

On Saturday, Verstappen called on Hamilton and Russell to “speak on behalf of other people.” The current Formula 1 champion said Hamilton and Russell should “focus on themselves” and not involve others in their opinion.

“It’s not just about him, but also about his teammate. They speak for other people,” Verstappen said via AutoSport. — They should just focus on themselves and say what they think. So just speak for yourself, and don’t involve other people in this.”

Max Verstappen starts today at the Canadian Grand Prix from pole position. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will undoubtedly do their best to oust him on the podium.

The Canadian Grand Prix starts at 14:00. ET and will be broadcast on ABC.