Look: Lamar Jackson has a Two-word Message for Dolphins


Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens pulled ahead today, losing to the Miami Dolphins by a score of 42-38. So what did Jackson say to the team that beat him?

On Twitter, Jackson offered Dolphins props for a great game. He promised to get the Ravens back on track next week.

“Great @MiamiDolphins,” Jackson wrote. “@Ravens, we’re back to normal.”

Jackson’s tweet went viral, gaining over 12,000 likes and 2,000 retweets in less than 30 minutes. Some fans note that Jackson rarely congratulates the opposing team, while others suspect that he has other motives in mind.

“When Lamar ever congratulated the team via Twitter, it’s scary, I won’t lie,” one fan wrote.

“Lamar is only saying this because he’s going to be a dolphin next year because the Crows don’t want to pay him,” wrote another.

“Bro doesn’t want to go home, he just congratulated the dolphins… the first time he did it,” said a third user.

Lamar Jackson showed a very good game, throwing for 318 yards and making three touchdowns. But he couldn’t rally the Ravens to end the game in the fourth quarter, opening the door for the Dolphins to win the game.

Will Jackson and the Ravens get back on track next week, or will this loss haunt them for a while?


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