Look: here’s who can be released in exchange for Britney Griner


Although nothing is officially known yet, it seems that an exchange of prisoners may occur for WNBA star Britney Griner.

According to numerous reports, the US may send Viktor Bout back to Russia in exchange for Griner and retired US Marine Paul Whelan.

Bout is a Russian arms dealer known as the “Merchant of Death”. It is reported that the sale of his weapons provoked several conflicts.

In 2011, Booth was found guilty of conspiracy to murder Americans, conspiracy to deliver anti-aircraft missiles and aiding a terrorist organization.

Booth is currently serving a 25-year sentence in a U.S. prison.

In May, the Russian state news agency TASS reported that Griner and Booth may be involved in a prisoner exchange.

The reason Russia seems to be insisting that the United States extradite Bout is because they view him as an asset.

“Moscow wants him to come back because he has important knowledge that he can share with the GRU, his former agency. Having been in an American prison and interrogated by American officials, he knows what our intelligence requirements are and other information that is valuable to the Russians. “,” Rebecca Koffler, a former US Department of Defense Intelligence Agency officer, told Fox News.

As for Griner, she was arrested in February for having cannabis oil cartridges in her luggage. If found guilty, she could face up to 10 years in prison.


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