Look: Gemel Hill calls on critics of Britney Griner – The Spun: What’s trending in the sports world today


The situation of Britney Griner in Russia has been the subject of discussion in the sports world for several weeks, and this is understandable.

Earlier this week, Griner was found guilty of drug possession. She was then sentenced to nine years in prison.

Before a Russian court sentenced Griner to nine years in prison, she apologized for having cannabis oil in her luggage back in February.

“I never wanted to offend anyone, I never wanted to endanger the Russian population, I never wanted to break any laws here,” Griner said. “I made an honest mistake, and I hope that in your decision my life will not end here. I know everyone keeps talking about the political pawn and politics, but I hope it’s far from this courtroom.”

Despite the fact that Griner denied any criminal intentions, some people claimed that she had broken the law. On Friday, Jemele Hill took to Twitter to urge people who share this opinion.

“Fascinating and very revealing where the ‘rules are rules’ energy comes from with Britney Griner,” Hill tweeted.

Griner has been in Russia since the incident at the airport in February.

It is reported that the United States discussed with Russia a possible prisoner exchange. Currently, this is Griner’s only way back to America.


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