Look: Desmond Howard was roasted for an awkward choice


People are coming for ESPN’s DesmondHoward for his confusing choice on “GameDay” in week two.

On Saturday, the former Heisman winner chose Tennessee over Pitt, but had previously picked the Panthers to sneak into the college football playoffs.

Howard was licking his lips on social media.

“Desmond beat Tennessee Pitt today despite having Pitt in the playoffs,” Barstool Sports tweeted. “IT WON’T WORK OUT.”

“3 out of 4 of his photos lost in the playoffs.”

“Math wasn’t Matin,” said another.

«LOL. He is one hundred percent clowning,” the user laughed.

“**shakes his head and rolls his eyes in disbelief**”

Not a good moment for Desmond, but at least he was right…


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