Look: Coach O has made his opinion about LSU very clear


Ed Orgeron may no longer be involved in the LSU Tigers program, but Coach Oh still loves the program very much.

Speaking at the Little Rock Touchdown Club on Tuesday, Orgeron spoke about his time, as well as his departure from LSU.

I am so grateful for my time for LSU. This was my opportunity. Trainers should be on the shelf … some coaches got 50 years, some coaches got 12. Mine was six. Good. I have to tell you… we had a meeting. Said: “Coach, things are going badly.” “No, shit, you can say that brother.” And they were good. Scott Woodward is my friend today. I really respect the way they treated me.

Coach Oh and LSU agreed to part ways just two years after the Tigers’ magical 2019 season, following a 5-5 mark in 2020 and a 4-3 start last year.

Orgeron finished the season, but decided that after 37 years of coaching, he wanted to take a little break from football. It also didn’t hurt that LSU paid him the rest of his contract when he was released:

“Coach, you have $17.1 million under your contract. We’ll give it to you. I said: “What time do you want me to leave, and which door do you want me to leave my brother?”

LSU hired Brian Kelly as its head coach in November 2021.


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