Look: Coach Kay seems to be enjoying retirement


Coach K. may have retired from the game, but he still finds ways to quench his thirst for competition in retirement.

Over the weekend, the former coach of the Duke men’s basketball team was spotted at a casino playing $100 slots.

Fans have reacted to Coach K enjoying his time on social media.

“North Carolina, you broke it,” one user replied.

“What a weirdo is filming this,” said another.

“My God, he’s really retired,” commented Dan Walken of USA Today.

“Coach K. goes into #Degen mode on retirement.”

“No hello? No, hi, Coach? Just a camera right in the face. It’s a pity that Coach K. didn’t knock him out,” another user said.

“Coach K. just trying to enjoy retirement in peace,” commented a Blue Devils fan.

“Coach K. loves slot machines!”

Coach K. He said he will stay in the sport, but has no plans to attend Duke’s home games next season.