Look changes with which V has fallen in love with the Army


Taehyung has repeatedly changed his image but he looks amazing with each one. For K-Pop idols, it is normal to change their style as part of the concept that their group will present in each comeback, for this, they experiment with their outfits and also with their image, with hair being one of the aspects that leads the transformations.

BTS is about to make a comeback with a new comeback, and this is a good opportunity to look back at some of the styles that Taehyung has carried throughout his career.

Although V has experimented a lot when it comes to choosing the look he will present, this idol also showed that, no matter what style it is, he can wear them thanks to his incredible image.

Tell us which of the following looks has been your favorite and remember the image changes that this handsome idol has presented.


Although K-Pop idols display very diverse hair tones, it is nice to see them also wearing their natural shade and Taehyung is no exception.



This look from V is unforgettable, since it also let us appreciate the growth of this idol, who over the years has only added points to his image.



During his early years as an idol, Taehyung also chose to dye his hair a slight shade of purple.



V looked amazing with his hair dyed blonde, while BTS’s popularity showed a huge increase, this idol showed an incredible side of himself.



With a shade between orange and brown, Taehyung showed that he was ready to experiment with more colors, even some that to other people might seem out of the ordinary.



Although V has used different shades of blonde, the platinum blonde that he wore for a while was etched in the memory of his fans.


A light shade of pink conquered the hearts of his fans by showing a new facet that for many was unexpected.


This is another of the iconic look changes that Taehyung has shown that became one of our favorites.


To show that not only light colors flatter his hair, V wore his hair in black for a season and this change of look was applauded by fans.


One of ARMY’s favorites is without a doubt Taehyung’s look with red hair, a shade that brought out many of V’s beautiful features.


Continuing with the bright and crazy colors, V also opted to wear his hair in a shade of blue that surprised his followers.


One look that V has shown on several occasions that goes beyond hair tone is the mullet. A cut with retro vibes that has looked amazing.

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