Look: A woman got too close to Steph Curry at the parade



Steph Curry finally silenced the doubters and won his first Finals MVP award, leading the Golden State Warriors to the NBA title. But one fan, trying to celebrate, got too close to calm him down.

During the title celebration parade earlier this week, a woman came out of the crowd and tried to hug the newly minted finals MVP. When Curry saw her approaching to kiss him, he ordered the guards to pull her away and push her back into the crowd.

During the parade, alcohol flowed quite freely. Maybe that’s why the woman thought she could get away with it. Or maybe she just saw a chance to hug an NBA superstar and took the only chance she ever had.

The clip has gone viral, gaining over 800,000 views since yesterday. Some fans are also delighted with this scene in the comments:

“She drove away from the logo with this,” wrote James Starks II of WTVG.

“Steph retreats 3 steps on and off the court,” another fan wrote.

“Trying to fall apart in front of his family??? This woman needs to know the boundaries. Smh,” wrote a third, indicating that members of the Curry family were with him at the time.

Undoubtedly, it was an unforgettable victory parade. I hope everyone who was present was sober enough to enjoy it.