Look: A Minor League player’s outfit went viral this Week


Who needs baseball gloves?

During last weekend’s Little League World Series game between Wyoming and Utah, Wyoming’s Aydin Jeffries hit a home run in the far left corner wearing yellow work gloves.

“You know, when you see a kid from Wyoming in leather work gloves, he hits bullies,” one user tweeted.

The clip began to spread throughout the baseball world within a week.

“Hey Tractor Supply, you better sign a NIL deal with this guy…,” John Brubaker tweeted.

“To-do list: feed the cows, fix the fence, shoe the horses, hit the toadstool.”

“This kid works 60 hours a week, shows up and hits bombs,” another commented.

“Literally raking.”

“This ball has only been in one place since the Wyoming kid walked into the box wearing cattle gloves,” another tweeted.

Nothing like the Little League World Series.


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