Look: 2 Nebraska Fans are becoming popular today because of their outfits


Nebraska Cornhuskers have reached a new level of desperation.

After a home loss to Georgia Southern last weekend, the program fired longtime head coach Scott Frost, which opened up a midseason coach search.

During Saturday’s game against the #6 Oklahoma Sooners, two Nebraska fans offered a coach with matching T-shirts.

“Hire Urban Mayer,” was written on the T—shirts.

Meyer is one of the most experienced coaches at the college football level, having won national championships in both Florida and Ohio State. At the same time, he ends an unsuccessful coaching job in the NFL with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2021.

Meyer was fired mid-season after posting a 2-11 record full of off-field scandals. The veteran head coach now works as a football analyst at Fox Sports Big Moon Kick off.

The Cornhuskers are currently trailing the Sooners 28-7.


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