Longtime NFL Veteran Still Hopes to Play at 40


Veteran offensive lineman Jason Peters is preparing for his 18th NFL season.

Peters has just finished his 17th year with the Chicago Bears and is now in search of a new team as a 40-year-old free agent.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM NFL Radio, the eight-time pro bowler said he remains fit and hopes to find a new lineup before the start of the 2022 season.

“I’ll just let my agent talk to these teams and he’ll hit me and let me know who’s interested and who’s not,” Peters said. “I’m looking for a future offensive line, a good team or a playoff team. Either/or good for me because I can pass my torch to some guys who are trying to get better, young guys, a new generation. Or if I get into a team with some veterans, they already know how good I am, and we can just go to the playoffs, run away and try to win another ring.

“But now any option is good for me, because I can teach or sit back, listen and learn from other veterans who also played this game. So any option is good.”

Peters, who was not selected in 2004, spent 11 seasons as a key player for the Philadelphia Eagles. The former Buffalo Bill helped the Eagles win the Super Bowl title in 2018.

While Peters would like to make a deal before the 2022 season, he says he doesn’t have a time frame for when he wants the contract to be signed.

“Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to try again and try to get myself another ring or pass on some knowledge to these young guys,” Peters added. “But I don’t have a deadline when I’m going to sign a contract. You know, last year the training camp lasted two and a half weeks. So when the time comes, I’ll be ready.”