Longnecks in Horizon Forbidden West: Where To Find Them And How To Sabotage Them


Horizon Forbidden West: We help you find all the Longnecks available in Horizon Forbidden West as well as tell you the method to reach their heads and sabotage them. The Longnecks in Horizon Forbidden West are imposing machines that roam freely through various areas of the Forbidden West. The intricacy of the situation is in managing to climb on their backs, something that we can achieve if we let our imagination and cunning fly. Its usefulness is to remove the fog from the map of the area, something useful to discover all the points of settlements, collectibles, missions and others that are hidden there. As part of this complete guide, to help you get to their heads in order to sabotage them, we show you how you can complete each and every Longneck in the game.

All Longnecks and where to find them

Cinnabar Sands Longneck

When we get to the place we will see that there is a large antenna through which we can climb to reach the top of Cuellilargo. Even so, the electrical supply of said antenna is deactivated, so we must find a way to restore it. To do so, we simply have to go to the top of the metal structure and go down a ladder to reach an intermediate part where there is an energy cell that we can extract.