Longest battery life with MacBook Pro M1


Apple unveiled the first MacBook Pro laptop with its own design M1 processor. The company stated that the new MacBook Pro will have an important place in its product portfolio and will appeal to both creative and technical professionals.

At the heart of the laptop is Apple’s new M1 processor, as we mentioned above.

The company emphasizes that the M1 has the world’s fastest CPU core and integrated graphics unit. Apple also states that its new processor has made significant improvements in power consumption and performance compared to Intel’s processors. The new MacBook Pro will come out of the box with the macOS Big Sur operating system.

Apple points out that the new MacBook Pro with a 13-inch screen is 2.8 times faster in terms of overall performance than the previous generation. On the visual side, the new MacBook Pro has five times better performance than its predecessor. The laptop, which carries an active fan cooling system, has a Touch Bar and two Thunderbolt 4 ports located on the left side.

With the new MacBook Pro, a huge leap in battery life is also being made. It is stated that the new MacBook Pro, which enables up to 17 hours of web browsing, can watch videos for 20 hours. Noting that this is 19 hours more than before, Apple announced that the new MacBook Pro offers the longest battery life in a Mac.

Apple has been preparing for this since the day it announced that it will use its own designed processors on Macs. When the company made the announcement, it showed applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom that run on devices with their own processors. Professional Apple applications such as Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Logic will also be fully compatible with the company’s own designed processors.

MacBook Pro with M1 processor is available for pre-order

The new MacBook Pro is not limited to just running these professional apps. It will be possible to use existing iOS and iPad applications on the new MacBook Pro thanks to the M1 processor. Thus, users will be able to access many more applications from day one.

The pre-order process has begun for the new MacBook Pro with M1 processor. As of November 17, the new MacBook Pros will be on the shelves.


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