Long term delay to Dune’s release date


The Dune vision date was originally announced as December 18, 2020. However, with the global coronavirus epidemic, the changing plans in the world of cinema also affected Dune. Warner Bros. He changed the release date of his highly anticipated new movie to October 1, 2021.

Recently, the release date of the new James Bond movie was postponed to April 2, 2021. Due to this postponement decision, Cineworld, one of the major cinema chains in the USA, decided to temporarily close 536 movie theaters as of October 8.

Even in places where the coronavirus epidemic is relatively less effective, people are not very willing to go to the movies, causing more films to be postponed. Though Pixar’s Soul and Warner Bros.’s Wonder Woman 1984 movies are still scheduled to air in 2020; It is stated that a postponement decision may be made for these films.

The Warp website pointed out that a change in Dune’s vision history could affect Batman as well. According to the current calendar, Batman and Dune, starring Robert Pattinson, will appear before the audience on the same day.

Not surprisingly, Warner Bros. postponed the Dune vision date. The company’s experience with Tenet makes this decision clearer. Although the global revenue of the film directed by Christopher Nolan was around 300 million dollars, the targeted amounts could not be reached due to the vacancy of theaters in the USA. The absence of a signal that the epidemic will slow down in the USA leaves no alternative but to delay the release of their films in front of the studios.


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